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How to do Bread Better

There are some things our family can’t give up too easily. Example: bread and tortillas. My two boys love their bread and tortillas. Jeremiah has a sandwich EVERY day for lunch. Granted he works on the road so options are limited. D-man, well he loves his “tatas and salsa.”

Funny story. Our family will often repeat what D says when we find it particularly amusing but when your mom says “tatas” instead of tortillas it’s not quite as endearing as a two-year-old saying it. I could tell she agreed when she scrunched up her nose and said something to the effect of “that doesn’t sound right.”

Our lives are consumed by that little guy.  He’s awesome.

I digress. We’ve cut out a ton of grains from our diet since moving towards eating Paleo but it’s been difficult to find a suitable sandwich alternative. So I’ve dabbled in the world of soaked grains. To put it in the most basic terms grains contain elements called phytates which make the grains difficult to digest as well as take nutrients OUT of our body. Sound weird? This is a better explanation.  Soaking your flour in an acid before baking with it helps break down these phytates and helps your body out in the process.  And it’s not a new concept by any means; sprouting, soaking, and fermenting where all methods used by our ancestors.  I’m still trying to find ways to lessen our intake of grains but this method has helped us out a lot and I’ve used it in several different recipes.


Pizza dough with soaked grains (plus mashed carrots in the sauce….he’ll never know)

  • Pizza Dough
  • Bread
  • Granola
  • Pancakes
  • Cookies
  • Oatmeal

This is a great resource.

And here is my pinterest board where I keep adding the soaked recipes I want to try out (or already have).