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24 Days of Christmas

Yay it’s that time again! Last year we did this for the first time and it was very successful. Even though Dieter was only two I think he still grasped some of the activities and he even remembers visiting Santa! So without further ado here is our list for Christmas this year with links to some of the activities (in no particular order). I hope you enjoy making the season special and are reminded why we celebrate. Taking time each day to savor Christmas is also a great way to pass down traditions to the littlest ones in your family.

24 Days of Christmas
1. Thread pompoms to make fake snow
2. Bags of kisses for neighbors…Merry Kissmas!
3. Go to the movie theater (it will be Dieter’s first time).
4. Ice skating
5. Swimming at Shoreview Community Center
6. Watch Charlie Brown Christmas next to the tree, this was a highlight from last year.
7. Read If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie and bake a batch of cookies.
8. Sledding at Knox Hill.
9. Make a food shelf donation at the local middle school.
10. Visit a nursing home.
11. Read the book Night Tree and make a garland for the birds.
12. Make salt-dough hand ornaments.
13. Holiday celebration at the Anoka County Fairground.
14. Morning in Bethlehem at Constance Free Church on December 7th.
15. Make Christmas card for a soldier, make sure you do this by December 6th!
16. Leave a gift for the mailman. Last year he even gave us a thank you note written on one of our pieces of mail!
17. Decorate the Christmas tree.
18. Watch The SnowmanThis has been a tradition since I was little.
19. Go to our church Christmas concert.
20. Make an ice wreath.
21. Make red and green play dough for friends…scented with peppermint of course!
22. Open one present early.
23. Make “Winter Tea” and read a Christmas story while you sip it.
And because I learned to have back-ups last year here are a few extra:
25. Buy a new Christmas outfit.
26. Build a snowman.
27. Make cards for family members.
Make sure to take lots of pictures! Here’s some from last year…

A Very Special Party

I love hosting parties at our house but the size doesn’t really lend itself to having them very often. We’ve never had Dieter’s birthday parties at our for that very reason, with family alone we would pack our house out. But this time I decided to go for it, especially because we just did a bunch of landscaping and Dieter got a nice big swingset earlier this summer. The weather was absolutely beautiful the day of the party and I’m hoping everyone has just as much fun as we did.

Dieter wanted a train birthday party so I did my best to deliver. Sorry for the horrible quality pictures, the sun was great for the party but not for taking pictures! IMG_1559
This gluten-free cake ended up being delicious!
All aboard!
Happy birthday Dieter! These signs were tedious but pretty easy. The “all aboard” and “choo choo” banners are going into the playroom, I can’t bear to throw them away.



3 Years Already??

My goodness, I can’t believe that Dieter is turning three today! He is such a wonderful boy and has been such a blessing. God certainly knew what he was doing when he placed him in our family. Dieter is funny and energetic.  Never stops moving and loves everything that involves wheels or balls.  His imagination amazes me and he can turn just about anything into whatever he needs for that moment, whether it be a fishing pole, a sword, or a car (out of a cracker, usually). He is inquisitive and soaks up the world around him, remembering details that slip past me. Just ask him what year the Twins were established (1961). The thing that warms my heart, though, is his love for God and desire to learn more about him.

IMG_1433 IMG_1435

Dieter, we love you so very much and are so thankful that we can be your parents!


Here are some questions I asked Dieter today.  We’ll do it every year and see how it changes…

What is your name? I’m Dieter

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite TV show: Thomas

Favorite food: Oatmeal

Favorite restaurant: Chik-a-fe (Chick-fil-a)

Favorite animal: Bear

Favorite song: Jesus Loves Little Children

Favorite book: Thomas book

Favorite place to go: To chik-a-fe

Favorite drink: Apple juice

What do you want to be when you grow up? Work on power lines

I took a video of it too but we only got about halfway through…I’ll post it on Facebook.


Why My Son Has THE BEST Grandparents

And why I have the coolest parents…


Nana and Papa weren’t using their garden space anymore and it had a tarp over it to keep the weeds out.  Little did we know that they were keeping the weeds away so that they could create this AWESOME dirt pit/construction site/little boys dreamland. The only problem is trying to tear him away to come home.


Fancy Pants

The most dressy pants I had for Dieter before last week was a pair of khakis. Great for the average Sunday but not so great for a wedding where Jeremiah is wearing a tux and we’re getting family photos done. Of course I could have bought or borrowed some but I thought I’d give this tutorial a try. I did decide to make these two days before the big day so I did have a backup plan. I do have to say I’m so happy with how simple they were to make and how great they turned out. I used a pair of my pants.


We had such a great time celebrating Ben and Angela’s special day!

Construction Site

The threat of rain means we’re getting creative inside this morning!


After I took his picture Dieter said, “Why Mommy taking my picture? Because Dieter cute?”
Well yeah Dieter that is why I take your picture!

What Boys Love

Since Dieter was born I’ve always thought he was definitely all boy. He always looked really “boyish” to me but also has never say still for long, is essentially fearless, and started walking too early for his own good. And of course he loves trains, balls, cars, and any sort of physical activity. Lately, he has also been into construction vehicles of all types. This is especially wonderful since they are tearing up the streets in our neighborhood and replacing them. I was actually really excited when they put up the “road closed” signs because I knew D would have a great time watching all those big construction vehicles at work. And what’s a little inconvenience for a toddler’s amusement. So that’s one great way we’ve stayed occupied.

Another was this morning when I took him to a local high school for vehicle day. This is a simply genius idea…have a bunch of local businesses bring their cool vehicles for kids to sit in and explore. We saw a race car, mail truck, tow truck, school bus, commercial lawn mower, fire truck, ambulance…the list goes on! It was freezing cold but still so much fun and we’ll definitely go next year.



The highlight was the Geek Squad truck that had a tv in the back!

Vehicle Day was a great way to spend the morning for my little boy!

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