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Honey Apple Syrup

Our apple tree was loaded down this year! I peeled and froze a whole bunch of them but didn’t know what to do with the peels and cores. Until I came across a recipe to make honey apple syrup. Super easy and yummy! We use it to sweeten yogurt and top pancakes. I’m sure you could find all sorts of uses for it.

Honey Apple Syrup
-4 cups apple peels
-4 cups honey
-4 cups water

Bring all the ingredients to a boil and let cook for about 5 minutes. Let cool for about an hour then strain the peels out with a mesh wire strainer. I canned the syrup so that’s why the quantities are so large but you can do this with any amount. Just make sure everything is a 1:1:1 ratio.



A Very Special Party

I love hosting parties at our house but the size doesn’t really lend itself to having them very often. We’ve never had Dieter’s birthday parties at our for that very reason, with family alone we would pack our house out. But this time I decided to go for it, especially because we just did a bunch of landscaping and Dieter got a nice big swingset earlier this summer. The weather was absolutely beautiful the day of the party and I’m hoping everyone has just as much fun as we did.

Dieter wanted a train birthday party so I did my best to deliver. Sorry for the horrible quality pictures, the sun was great for the party but not for taking pictures! IMG_1559
This gluten-free cake ended up being delicious!
All aboard!
Happy birthday Dieter! These signs were tedious but pretty easy. The “all aboard” and “choo choo” banners are going into the playroom, I can’t bear to throw them away.