Getting the Stink Out


I’m a little bummed I have to write this post. I’d like to think that I smell wonderful all the time and glisten instead of sweat, but let’s face it I’m human. And it’s summertime. And even though it’s very irregular I do have a workout routine that gets my heart pumping. And then my shirts get a bit smelly.

I’m also a little disappointed because my homemade laundry detergent just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I used it for a good year and a half but lately I just didn’t feel like our clothes were getting clean. Maybe I wasn’t using enough or the recipe I had wasn’t the best out there but nevertheless I had to switch it up. Lately I’ve been using an all-natural store-bought detergent that I’m very happy with but some shirts were still a bit stanky. And I say “were” because they no longer are! Thanks to Pinterest I was able to combine a couple tricks to get my shirts smelling fresh and clean.

First I washed them (whites and colors separately) in hot water with a cup of vinegar. This didn’t quite cut it, even though sometimes I think it will, so I washed them again in hot water but this time with 1/2 cup of baking soda. After that I threw them in the dryer with two felted dryer balls that I added 4-5 drops of orange essential oils to. You could do any kind of oil you want depending on what smell you would like. And after this treatment my clothes came out smelling wonderful!

You can make your own dryer balls using this tutorial. I highly recommend it because they replace dryer sheets and can cut your drying time down while still making your clothes nice and soft..double win!

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