Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fancy Pants

The most dressy pants I had for Dieter before last week was a pair of khakis. Great for the average Sunday but not so great for a wedding where Jeremiah is wearing a tux and we’re getting family photos done. Of course I could have bought or borrowed some but I thought I’d give this tutorial a try. I did decide to make these two days before the big day so I did have a backup plan. I do have to say I’m so happy with how simple they were to make and how great they turned out. I used a pair of my pants.


We had such a great time celebrating Ben and Angela’s special day!

Construction Site

The threat of rain means we’re getting creative inside this morning!


After I took his picture Dieter said, “Why Mommy taking my picture? Because Dieter cute?”
Well yeah Dieter that is why I take your picture!