My obsession with boxes

I’m not always a super organized person but I do like the idea of being super organized. So when an urge comes over me to do some organizing in our home I have to run with it! After doing our kitchen remodel we didn’t have quite as much pantry space so I had to get a little creative with good storage. I love the cabinets Jeremiah installed but they weren’t perfect as-is for food storage. Enter in my storage solution, sorry for the poor quality photos.

I found the best boxes for spices were baby/toddler shoeboxes. And really any box can be cut down to the right size. It may not be the cutest way to organize but it’s easy, cheap and you can put them in the recycling when you don’t need them anymore!

The bottom of a popcorn box was perfect for measuring spoons that would usually be a disorganized mess in the drawer.

And in the bathroom I used the bottom of oatmeal containers.

I love recycling!

3 responses to “My obsession with boxes

  • Natalie Klauser

    Super great idea. If you want to make them a little more colorful you could wrap the boxes in wrapping paper or have Dieter decorate them. I’ve done that before.

  • Denise

    You are a girl after my own heart! It all started our with your great grandma Peters who used a toilet paper role to keep the cord of her hand mixer organized. I think she was the queen of using what she had. Now we call it recycling:)

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