What Boys Love

Since Dieter was born I’ve always thought he was definitely all boy. He always looked really “boyish” to me but also has never say still for long, is essentially fearless, and started walking too early for his own good. And of course he loves trains, balls, cars, and any sort of physical activity. Lately, he has also been into construction vehicles of all types. This is especially wonderful since they are tearing up the streets in our neighborhood and replacing them. I was actually really excited when they put up the “road closed” signs because I knew D would have a great time watching all those big construction vehicles at work. And what’s a little inconvenience for a toddler’s amusement. So that’s one great way we’ve stayed occupied.

Another was this morning when I took him to a local high school for vehicle day. This is a simply genius idea…have a bunch of local businesses bring their cool vehicles for kids to sit in and explore. We saw a race car, mail truck, tow truck, school bus, commercial lawn mower, fire truck, ambulance…the list goes on! It was freezing cold but still so much fun and we’ll definitely go next year.



The highlight was the Geek Squad truck that had a tv in the back!

Vehicle Day was a great way to spend the morning for my little boy!

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