Banana Almond Pancakes

Short post this time but there isn’t much to say about this recipe.  It’s a delicious pancake recipe even if you aren’t gluten-free and it only has three ingredients!  I got it from a great website that has really good info on living a primal lifestyle.  He even has a lot of good tips if you aren’t 100% paleo.


Banana-Almond Pancakes
Adapted from here

4 bananas, mashed
2 eggs
3 tbsp. almond butter

Mix this all together and cook in a skillet or electric griddle in a bit of melted coconut oil. You’ll want to cook it at a low heat (I did between 250-300 degrees on the electric griddle) so that they cook all the way through. If it’s too hot the outside will burn and the inside will be runny. These take a little more time than regular pancakes so have some patience and your tastebuds will thank you!

I served ours with warmed berries. The bananas make these pancakes really sweet so you don’t need syrup but I’m sure they’d taste good with a little drizzled on them. I’m saving our maple syrup for some lemon cookies I’m going to make as soon as I get the chance!


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