Felt Board

I’m secure enough in who I am that I can admit I had more fun making this than Dieter has had playing with it.  That’s okay because our felt board has a lot of growing into to do.  As he gets older I think he’ll play with it more and if not I don’t really mind because for one thing, I had a lot of fun making it, and secondly, it was free (essentially).  Not much more than pictures is needed to describe how I put it together.  All you need is felt scraps, cardboard, duct tape and a big piece of felt (or fleece as I used in this instance), and plastic baggies to store your finished pieces in.



Lots of felt scraps


It’s not very pretty from the back 🙂


Shapes (I need to learn more shapes!)






Cars and scenery


Entertained Toddler

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