Colors and Matching

Here are two fun toddler activities that are free and sure to provide at least a little bit of entertainment. Let’s face it, us moms have to have a lot of activities on hand if we’re going to capture the attention of our kids. Dieter darts from one thing to another and if something keeps his attention for more than ten minutes I’ve got a winner!

Color Cards

I got this idea from a friend who has a 4- and 2-year-old that play a game similar to the one I use with Dieter. These cards have literally limitless options and I’ve already thought of ways to adapt it to his ever-changing skills and abilities.  All you do is get several pieces of colored cardstock or construction paper and “laminate” them (cover them in masking tape to make them last longer).  First I wrote the names of the colors on the cards so we could start working on identifying letters as well as colors.


I lay out all the cards in whatever room we are playing in and Dieter goes and finds items in the room that match each card.  As he gets better I’ll start putting a time limit on the search so there’s a little bit of a challenge.

Where’s the Matching Lid?

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Instead of throwing away your plastic containers play this game first.  Separate the lids from their containers and place them in a pile.  Then let your toddler match them up.  This one is good for so many things including fine motor development as well as problem solving. Plus, when you’re done all you have to do is throw everything into the recycling bin!













Although we’ve been having a good time inside I cannot wait for the snow to be gone so we can move our fun outside!

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