A Visit to Blue Gentian Farms

Living in the “city” we rarely get the opportunity to expose Dieter to the places where his food comes from. In an attempt to teach him the value of food and where it comes from I planted a garden last summer and loved it so much we’ll be planting a bigger one this year. I want him to help out this year and I know that he’ll really enjoy it. Dirt, worms, plants…what’s not to love?

Obviously when it comes to locally-sourced meats it’s not quite as easy as looking to the backyard. Until now I really haven’t pursued buying good-quality meat. I guess I just hadn’t reached that point in my food journey even though I knew there were better options than what I was buying. After hearing about some friends successes in buying direct from the farmer I decided we needed to make that commitment. If I was going to feed my family meat I wanted to know that it was from animals that had been treated humanely and weren’t pumped full of steroids, growth hormones, and antibiotics. That’s when I heard about Blue Gentian Farms in New Richmond, WI. I corresponded via e-mail with Darryl, the owner, and ended up buying a whole cow from him (which we split up between several families). He encouraged me to come visit the farm whenever I got the chance. So we took him up on the offer! It was a chilly but beautiful, sunny morning. We learned so much about the farm, cattle and other animals he raises. Darryl loves showing people around his farm and sharing his passion.  That’s definitely something I want to support!







If you have ever considered buying from the source check out Blue Gentian Farms.

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