February Toddler Activities

Dieter and I attended our first ever Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) class this past Friday. He was so excited to go to “school” and I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited for him. I remember going to ECFE classes with my mom when I was 3 or 4 years old. Well I remember a yellow bus picking us up, a gym and a tricycle. My mom tells me those were memories of ECFE :). Unfortunately Dieter’s little friend, Anika, was sick but he still had a great time exploring the classroom and playing basketball in the gym. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester and I think it will have a great impact on both of us. It’s pretty amazing the opportunities we have to help Dieter develop and learn even before he starts school and I love that they make it possible for everyone to participate no matter what your income level.

When the parents separated from the kids during class we were given a calendar of activities to do with our toddlers for the month of February. I thought I’d share the list. I know it’s February 2nd already but there are plenty of simple ideas so not much planning ahead is required.  Some of these things are a given (washing hands for example) but I think there are some fun ideas that every toddler would enjoy.  In parenthesis is the skill that is being developed.IMG_0719

February Toddler Activities

  1.  free day
  2. Groundhog Day: let your toddler hide in a box and pretend to be a groundhog (pretend)
  3. Let your child stick red paper scraps onto a piece of self-sticking paper (art)
  4. Look for red cars with your toddler while you are out driving (color discrimination)
  5. free day
  6. Paint your child’s fingernails “red” for the day (color)
  7. Let your child finger paint with red finger paint on paper. When dry, cut into a heart shape (art/shapes)
  8. Offer your toddler healthy food choices of fruits and vegetables every day (nutrition)
  9. free day
  10. free day
  11. Teach your toddler the rhyme, “Roses are Red”. (language)
  12. Let your child glue pink or red hearts on a large sheet of construction paper to make a placemat. (art)
  13. Hid paper hearts around the house for your child to find. (problem solving)
  14. Valentine’s day: make heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch using a cookie cutter.
  15. Let your toddler help you frost some heart cookies. (cooking)
  16. Cut a heart shape from a red poster board. Cut it into 3-4 pieces for a puzzle. (problem solving)
  17. Use a red marker to draw a heart on paper. Spray water on the heart. (art)
  18. Search for shadows in your yard to step on. (science/problem solving)
  19. free day
  20. Let your child use a flashlight in a dark room. Make designs on the walls. (science)
  21. Give your toddler some hair “scrunchies” to use for bracelets. (dress-up)
  22. Poke a hole in a piece of paper. Have your child drop crayons through the hole. (coordination)
  23. Point out things that are straight (pencils, ruler) and things that are bent (macaroni, hanger). (opposites)
  24. free day
  25. Count body parts–one mouth, two eyes, two ears, etc. (math/body awareness)
  26. Sing songs about body parts. (music)
  27. Provide a stool so your toddler can wash his hands often during the day. (health)
  28. Snuggle on the couch and read a favorite story to your child. (literature)

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