I indulged this week.

And wow has the definition of indulgence changed since become a mama. Yes, my indulgence was going to the library by myself. I was just planning on dropping our nearly overdue library books off in the drive-by drop slot but instead I walked in. I zoomed right by the children’s section and into the grown-up area. I strolled around, even stopping to look through some “recommended reading” binders at the resource desk. I actually looked up a book in the computer catalog. And then I browsed…and kept browsing. It was wonderful.

If you have a toddler you know that the library experience is almost exactly the opposite in every aspect. I do love going to the library with D and he looks forward to it as well, it’s just never a relaxing experience by any stretch of the imagination.  Although, I’m happy to say that he no longer takes all the books of the shelves as he runs along. He also is out of the phase where he’d run away from me, find an inconspicuous corner and fill his diaper. I don’t know why he would do this but it happened several times. Perhaps the library was a bit too relaxing and comfortable?

When I’m at the library with my boy I rarely find books that I’m really excited about, mainly because I’m just trying to grab something as quickly as possible. But I picked up some good reads this time as well as some good movies (I know I’m a little behind considering Babies is from 2010 and Food, Inc. is from 2008).


Have you read any of these? What should be next on my reading list?


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