Hiding in the craft room…

This is a confession post of sorts. I’m a horrible finisher when it comes to knitting projects.


One sock, nearly finished.  I love it…why is it not done?  Oh yeah I started this over two years ago.  Maybe someday…


Lovely 100% wool scarf.  Well at least half of a lovely 100% wool scarf.


A sweater I started for Jeremiah.  I actually took apart another sweater I knit him that was too big and started this one.  Now I’m worried this one is also too big.  Sigh.


A baby blanket.  Not overly attached to this one.


108 squares cut from sweaters to be sewed into a cozy blanket.  It will be awesome when it’s done! If it gets done…


And finally another sock. This one actually is completed and just needs it’s partner, which I am working on right now, I’m proud to say!  I started the first one only about 4-5 months ago…

All in good time.  What are on your needles right now?  And what is laying unfinished in your basket?

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