Praying with Purpose

Ooh I’m really excited about what we just put up in our living room. After Christmas I was kind of sad to see our house looking so bare. I was keeping my eye out for some wall decor to put up. Jeremiah was actually the one to find some things to put up when we were at Goodwill, he’s got a good eye for those types of things. I kind of just skim over all the shelves and shelves of stuff but he’s really good at finding those little things.


So this is the beginning of our little prayer corner. I had a silly picture in the frame but after I put D to bed I noticed that Jeremiah had switched the picture out for one of our Christmas cards we got (this one from my parents). It was a shame to throw all those nice cards away so every week we’ll put a new card in the frame and pray for that family. Once we run out of cards I’ll print off other pictures we have of our friends (or nab them from Facebook). So if you get weirded out that when you visit our home we have a picture of you up on the wall, don’t be too worried we’re just praying for you that week!

I’m really excited to share this with D. He’s beginning to understand little things about Jesus and God and it’s the sweetest thing. This will be another way to teach him how to pray for others. One of the ways in which I want to live with intentionality this year.

One response to “Praying with Purpose

  • Natalie Klauser

    Love this idea! Another friend of mine saved all her cards and turned them into a book. Each night the family flips the page and prays for a new family. Such a fun family tradition.

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