Isn’t that what makes life so beautiful? That God in His artistic perfection ties pain and sorrow and joy and laughter all together to make this extraordinary tapestry, full of such beautiful colors. The suffering adds depth whereas the bright fragments of intense joy make it something to stare at for hours. What a shame it would be for someone to try to cut out all of the deep richness that pain brings into their tapestry, in fact if they do this, even the brightness of their joy will lose it’s vibrancy. No, you need both. A life with both suffering and joy is one that people will admire. It’s one that will be made into an heirloom and passed down from generation to generation. It will be hung on the wall, pointed at, and the countless inspiring stories that it holds will be told during large family get togethers as well as small intimate moments of openness and growth. It’s one that will not be forgotten, but will continue to change those who see it. It will live on through the people it touches.

I think I copied this from a friend on Facebook.  It was awhile back and I regret that I didn’t attach a name to it but the words are so beautiful and are so fitting for this past year.  On Thanksgiving I want to reflect on what has made this the most horribly difficult year of my life and also the most beautiful and life-changing year.  As a family we experienced heartache and loss that no parent should have to encounter.  Simply heartbreaking and and at first I felt like there was no reason to have hope, that we would simply live under a dark cloud with no possible chance for healing.  But as the pain began to dull and the wounds began to heal an amazing thing happened.  I began to have a vision of the wonderful ways in which God could use our loss to bring people near to him.  It takes a lot of trust, almost a superhuman amount of trust, but His plan is both immeasurably greater than my own and also unknowable.  So, even though I often fail I try to give thanks to God in all circumstances, praise him for all blessings and come alongside those who are hurting and need to see His love through me.

Some days it seems an impossible task, to look beyond the pain and see the greater picture.  But how beautiful this tapestry will be when God is finished creating it.  This year has added a lot of depth and I know there will be more years of depth woven into my life but I also know there will be bright fragments of intense joy.  I do not know where the joy will come from or even the pain but I anxiously await the ways in which I can use them to bring glory to His name.

Thank you God for every blessing you have given me, for every lesson you have allowed me to learn, and for the grace you extend to me daily as I continue to discover what it means to live a life pleasing to you.

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