Healthy Breakfast from a Special Guest!

Whew, life is crazy around here but that is for another post. All in good time and I promise I will be back at some sort of regularity soon. In the meantime, I had asked my mom awhile back about writing a post for the blog. She put together a great post that I’m really excited to share. I’m experimenting some changes in our food around here that she alludes to and I’ll share more about that later as well.  Thanks for sharing, Mom!

Stephanie had this fantastic idea the other day. She said: mom, wouldn’t it be fun for you to do a guest entry on my blog? Well I instantly loved the idea, and I thought what could I write about? So I waited for inspiration to strike.

She was telling me about starting to experiment with soaking grains. How it helps your body be able to absorb the nutrients better and so forth and that reminded me again of how I used to make “frisch Korn Brei” for our family for breakfasts. It is a soaked grain muesli / cereal.
I dug out my old coffee grinder and ground up some of my wheat berries to soak for the next mornings breakfast.
 I know I’m probably a bit of a geek, but that kind of thing makes me feel really good. It has always been fulfilling for me to feed our family things that I can feel super good about. Things that will build their bodies up and give them the energy that they need for their daily activities.  Their were times when they probably want to have more junk food around the house, but now that they are all grown up it has been incredibly rewarding for all of them to tell me how much they appreciate the way we emphasized good healthy food as they were growing up.
I tend to ebb and flow with my motivation when it comes to making and eating what I know is good for me. So it is good for me to have a few woman around me that inspire me back to that. I’m so proud that my daughter is one of them. So for all of you young moms    Out there, hang in there. It’s well worth the effort.

I ground the berries ( wheat kernels) coarse.

Mixed the ground wheat with just enough water to cover it.
Covered the bowl with a plate and set it out or the night to soak.
The next morning I added a shredded apple, some chopped nuts, some cream, a bit of lemon juice (not pictured) and a little honey.
This is the end product. Yummy! Hubby agrees:)
I know not everyone has a way to grind grain or even has the desire to do that. So here is the link to a soaked oat meal that is also very good.
A note from Steph: I remember this delicious recipe from childhood.  Just one example of the healthy foods I appreciate her exposing us to growing up.  Adding the lemon juice to the water and grain the night before it will aid in making the dish even easier to digest and easier on your tummy.  I’ll talk about soaking other grains soon!

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