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What to do with all those tomatoes!

I had a lot of tomatoes at the end of the season.  I wish I had a lot of ripe tomatoes but I only had a couple pounds (at most) of those…what I had an abundance of was green tomatoes!  I wanted to be able to put some of the bounty of our garden away for the winter but until this point I had only frozen a couple bags of zucchini and a small amount of pesto.  Not very impressive.

I wasn’t planning on freezing tomatoes but I went to the farmer’s market and they were quite a few vendors selling boxes of overripe tomatoes perfect for canning/freezing.  I thought I could definitely do something with that and add my tomatoes to it.  After doing a little bit of research and asking my friend Jill (my go-to gardener friend) how she preps her tomatoes I decided on this recipe.  I multiplied it by…5!  You should have seen my kitchen, it was an absolute disaster with tomatoes covering all the counter space.  It took me nearly two hours to peel all of those tomatoes!  I have to admit though, it was well worth it.  The sauce is delicious and I’m not sure it will last all the way through the winter.  I filled quart-size freezer bags with two cups of sauce and so far it seems like a good amount for recipes.  Another perk was that I could use up all the basil in my garden for the recipe as well.

Now for all those green tomatoes. I guessed I had about 6 pounds of them including a ton of green cherry tomatoes that I couldn’t bear leaving outside.  So after staring at them for nearly a week I tried out this recipe.  Another winner I’m happy to share.  I even threw in the cherry tomatoes and you really can’t tell.  I also put the salsa verde in quart bags, two cups at a time.  Maybe I’ll try canning next year but for now I’m sticking with the freezer.  We have a chest freezer with plenty of room.  This was a great salsa with tortilla chips, so yummy!

I just made this delicious pasta with eggplant sauce with some of that tomato sauce and it was delicious.  Even someone who is a bit unsure about eggplant would really like this.  I mean it has sausage in it for goodness sake!