DIY: Toddler Shirt

This turned out great!  I really wish I had enough know-how to put a tutorial together for this little refashion but with a little bit of sewing sense and some motivation it really isn’t that hard.  Jeremiah is a very thrifty and frugal person (for the most part) so he is always asking me if I can do something with his old tshirts.  I had to start declining them because I have such a large stash and our rag bag was full.  I’ve used some of them for headbands but that’s about it.  Until I came up with an idea…and once I tried it I made two more!

An old shirt from hubby.

A shirt that fits Dieter well was the template. I cut out the body pieces first using the original shirt as a guide. I didn’t even need to make a new collar, just used the one off of the adult shirt for the front and didn’t do any collar on the back (tshirt material doesn’t fray so you don’t have to finish the ends).  The sleeves were cut out later, again using the dinosaur tshirt as a template.

This was another shirt I made.  Of course Dieter doesn’t really care about new shirts, he’d much rather use markers (BIG TREAT!) to color toilet paper rolls that we “beaded” on yarn to make necklaces.  At least we both were excited at the end of the day; him because he got to make a mess and me because I didn’t have to go buy even more winter clothes.

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