The Menu this Week

I’d like to give myself a little pat on the back because I feel like our dinners this week were pretty darn tasty.  I’ve been in a slump and haven’t really felt like putting much effort into prepping meals but I gave myself a little pep talk and perused Pinterest for recipes that accumulate on my “Yummy” board and never get used.  Here’s what we ate/are eating this week.

Brats and zucchini with corn and cilantro

  • I added some red chile paste to the side dish for some heat as well as a chopped tomato for color.

Zesty zucchini spaghetti 

  • Instead of using a chipotle chili in adobo sauce I put in about 1/2 cup of chipotle salsa (Archer Farms) and about a teaspoon of dried chipotle pepper.
  • I also added chicken to this dish.

Cajun chicken pasta

  • If you have any veggies you need to use up this is a great dish to add them to, don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to what the recipe calls for!

Cheesy zucchini rice and tilapia with ginger and cilantro

  • My favorite recipe for fish!  So flavorful and I bet that even if you don’t like fish you’ll love this dish!
  • The rice reminded me a little bit of risotto without all the fuss, so creamy and yummy.

Slow cooker curried chicken with ginger and yogurt

  • After reading quite a few of the reviews I decided to add 1 tablespoon of peanut (almond) butter and 1 teaspoon brown sugar.  It’s cooking as I write this and smells really yummy.  I’m also going to add some carrots and peas about halfway through the cooking to make it a more well-rounded meal.

Chicken stir-fry wraps with homemade tortillas

  • Making your own tortillas takes a little bit of practice, especially if you just have a regular sauté pan like I do.  But I think the effort really makes it worth it, especially for a treat.  I don’t always make my tortillas from scratch but this chicken dish is so yummy with the fresh, warm tortillas.

So as you can tell I had a lot of zucchini to use up! And since I’ve already made two batches of zucchini bread it was time to branch out. Overall, I think we ate pretty well this week and I hope it inspires you to branch out and add some new flavors to your menu.



One response to “The Menu this Week

  • Birgit G.

    I always enjoy your posts and this one was timely! Needed to use up some zucchini, so made the first recipe minus the cilantro (didn’t have any on hand and so I added a little thyme). Was quite good. I think the leftovers will become pizza toppings later this week.

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