Fun in the Midst of Parenting

Today has been a little rough but instead of getting bogged down in the tough parenting stuff I’m dealing with right now I decided to give Dieter and myself a much needed distraction.  By simply mixing one cup cornstarch and one cup water you get sidewalk paint.  Add some food coloring and you’re set up for some serious fun.  I divided the paint into a muffin pan and then added the food coloring.  For brushes we used some regular paintbrushes and also a couple “brushes” I found in the kitchen. Dieter also used sticks and leaves to paint.  This was a great way for us to practice his colors as well.  We both had a lot of fun and I even got my nails painted!  I wish I would have taken a picture of that!





A dirty kid is proof that a lot of fun was just had.

3 responses to “Fun in the Midst of Parenting

  • Jenny Kuphal

    This is just one of the many reasons I really, really want to buy a house that has sidewalks! Distractions like these are simple, yet so needed and meaningful. They even can be good reminders that we don’t just love our children, but we actually like them too! 🙂 Come to my house anytime you need a distraction. We probably need one too!

  • Natalie

    Thanks for this. It looks like a lot of messy fun, will have to try it out for sure.

  • denise63

    Good job mommy! looks like fun:)

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