Stash Busters!

I know it’s been five weeks since I last posted. I also know that I haven’t posted not because of a lack of ideas but out of pure laziness. Sorry.

So I made two things that I really like. One was knit and the other was crocheted and I made them both to use up the huge amount of scrap yarn I have. You know, those little balls of yarn that aren’t big enough for a project in themselves but you can’t bear to part with them.

Granny square baby blanket

I used yarns that were similar in weight but this is by no means a perfect blanket. It’s a little wavy and ripply but I really love it. I did a simple scalloped edge around the border.

Scrap buster scarf


This was a total surprise. I did not expect to like this scarf as much as I do. Last summer I went to an art fair in Rochester and there were some ladies selling skeins of yarn that were made up of pieces of scrap yarn tied together. Totally easy to do myself! So that is what you see in the to picture…my ball of scrap yarn. This is the pattern for the scarf:
Cast on 250 stitches on a size 11 circular needle (mine was 29”). Work in garter stitch for 4 rows and then stockinette until desired width is reached (I think I did about 4 inches). Work in garter stitch as in beginning. Bind off.

Note: when tying the pieces of yarn together for your scrap ball you can leave tails so that they can be knit into your project. My tails weren’t long enough so, going against what you really should do, I tightened the knots and trimmed the ends.

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