Growing a Garden

Until now I have been really hesitant to post pictures or even talk about my garden and let me tell you why. When I was little I asked my mom if I could have a little plot in our yard to plant some flowers. Once she said yes we went to the store and picked out some really nice plants for me to tend to. As soon as I planted them I promptly forgot all about them. I remember one day realizing I had never watered them and upon further investigation found a bunch of withered, sad-looking piles of flowers.

Fast forward fifteen or so years and I have a garden plot in my own yard. And guess what? Things are actually growing! And not only growing but producing! I thought I would be really stressed out about having a garden but I’ve actually found it to be incredibly enjoyable. Once I put Dieter down for the night I’ll go outside and tend to the veggies, weeding and watering them and sometimes simply looking for anything new that may have sprouted. With the warm weather we’ve been having the garden is flourishing and I’m already planning what to plant next year.

To keep it simple this is what I planted:
Hot peppers
Sweet peppers
Summer Squash
Chives (they came with the house)
Mesclun Mix (most of which I’ve pulled out already)

I also have tried spearmint three times now but it will not grow for me which is funny because I had a ton of it last year.

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