Remedying the Space Issue

We live in a decent sized house. I’ve never felt like we are short on space except in our bedroom. The house was built in the 1950s which means small bedrooms and even smaller closets. Jeremiah and I have to share a 5 foot closet and one dresser and because of this we frequently go through our clothes and donate whatever we don’t wear. This really isn’t good enough though because I still find myself stuffing things in already-full drawers and having sweaters fall off of the top shelf because they are stacked too high. That is until I found a new way to fold our shirts. Just look and see:

Now I am able to fit all of my t-shirts, tank tops, and thin sweaters in one drawer.  In another I have my pajamas and workout clothes.  I put all of Jeremiah’s t-shirts and undershirts in one drawer and shorts in another.  The top two drawers of the dresser are for his socks and underwear.  In the closet we now just hang my jeans, dresses and blouses.  He has hanging shelves with jeans and sweaters on it as well as some dress shirts.  The top shelf just has the heavy sweaters and sweatshirts on it.  Obviously if you have a lot of clothes this solution will work a little differently for you.

Such a simple solution that makes a huge difference!

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