Cloth Diapering (a never ending story)

If I could stay with one type of cloth diaper this would be a story with an end.  But it isn’t and that is because the velcro on my Thirsties wraps is completely wearing out and I’m not surprised since Dieter has worn the heck out of them for the past year.  I figure they were still a good investment and I can easily sew new velcro on to them I just have to go to the store and buy said velcro. In the meantime my wonderful cloth-diapering friend lent me a wool soaker that she loved using on her son.  I love it too.  Not only does it fit well but D doesn’t try to pull it off because it goes on like shorts.  And there are a ton of benefits to using wool covers that I started learning about as I was doing research.  There is this whole underground cloth diaper society where people express their incredible love for all things wool diapering.  And although I’m exaggerating a bit I’m really not that far off, check this link out.

One of the perks of good wool diaper covers is that you really don’t have to wash them for weeks because of the lanolin in the wool. They are essentially self-cleaning (to a point) as long as you care for them properly including lanolizing them occasionally.  There are great websites out there with much more information on diaper care than I could ever give here.  So with all of this exciting new information in mind I decided that I would once again pick up the knitting needles, after a surprisingly long hiatus, and knit a couple covers.  I went to Ravelry (think of it as Facebook for needlework) and typed in soakers.  There were so many possibilities but I landed on the Curly Purly Soaker for a few reasons:  1)it was free, 2)it had great ratings, 3)it was free, 4)the pattern was written with a range of sizes.  There were some really great patterns for a small cost that I will definitely purchase if this works out. People put their babies in a lot of different wooly-wear including shorts and pants that act as a diaper cover and clothing all at once and the patterns for them are adorable.

After lanolizing the cover I knit I am happy to report it is keeping D’s clothing nice and dry.  I love it!  If you want to knit this diaper cover here are some notes in regards to the pattern:

  • I used Paton’s Classic Wool.  I wouldn’t say this is the highest quality yarn you could use but it’s affordable and knits up really easily.  I didn’t want to sink a ton of money into the first few just in case they didn’t work out.
  • I needed to use a size 6 needle to obtain gauge.  This means I used a 2 for the waistband and legs, a 4 and 6 for the body.
  • I added the optional short rows.
  • I picked up 56 stitches for the legs and knit in a 1×1 rib for 1.5 inches.


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