Decorating a House

I will freely admit that decorating a house is hard.  I failed even before we moved in with the paint colors I picked out.  We’ve only been living in our house for a year and  a half and I already want to repaint nearly every room.  I had no idea that paint color was such a finicky thing!  I wanted all of these fun bold colors and now I look around and think, ” no it’s all wrong.  Completely wrong.”  Oh well.  Painting is so much work so I’m just going to deal with it and cover up the walls.




So here enters the two pieces of canvas wall art that I got from Goodwill while we were newlyweds living in a tiny apartment.  They hung on walls in three apartments and one house so as you can imagine I got incredibly sick of them.  I mean, hello, I can’t even stand the paint I put on the walls less than two years ago!  I found an idea on Pinterest (where else??) where you paint canvas and then use puffy paint in the same color to draw a design.  It creates a really cool effect.   I had to paint several (6-7) layers of white latex paint over the existing print before I got a surface I could use the white puff paint on.  I then found a font I liked in Word and started copying the wording I wanted onto the canvas using a pencil.  After letting the puff paint dry and a final coat of latex paint I was done!  It took me a really long time because a)I could only work on it during naptime and bedtime, b) it was really hard to find the word “family” in that many languages, and c) it was super tedious work.  I like the results though.

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