Being Dieter’s Mom

Two things brought me to writing this post. The first is all of the links on Pinterest I’ve been seeing lately about the “25 things every child needs”, “10 ways to raise a happy child”, or the hundred other variations. I’ve really enjoyed reading them and even taking a few notes to add to my mental parenting handbook. I started wondering what I would write if I were asked to come up with a list of surefire ways to raise a happy child and you know what, I don’t know.

The other circumstance that led to this post was our chiropractor. Him and his wife are expecting their first child in a month and he tells us that we need to write down everything we did with Dieter so they can do exactly the same thing. He has always loved Dieter and thinks he’s the greatest (until his little one arrives I’m sure 😉 ).

What I was realizing is that although I have no idea what 10 things every parent should do to have a wonderful child I do know what things I must do to have a happy, healthy, well-adjusted Dieter. I only know how to be a mother to one child and this is what it entails:

How to be Dieter’s Mom
1. Kiss and hug excessively
2. Hold him whenever those little arms reach for me.
3. Whisper when I feel like screaming.
4. Crouch down to his level when I want to tell him something. Especially when I am trying to redirect his actions.
5. Hold onto my schedule loosely and adapt it when possible to meet his needs.
6. Let him freely explore his surroundings even if it means cleaning up after him.
7. Use the word “no” sparingly and “good job” excessively.
8. Rock him before bed at night and always make sure the pray over him.
9. Do not minimize his fears or tears even when the cause seems so trivial to me.
10. Allow him to freely express his frustrations and place him in a safe environment to do so if need be. Usually this is in my arms.
11. Converse freely with him but use simple words when I need him to understand.
12. Don’t forget that he is little and needs extra attention sometimes.
13. Thank God daily for the miracle He has given us.


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