Great Finds

I’ve heard that this is a Minneosta thing:

“I love that shirt.”

“Why thank you. I got it on sale at ___ for ____.”

Ever since this was pointed out to me I hear it all the time and realize I am guilty of it too. So with that being said I found some AMAZING deals at the local Goodwill today and I’m going to tell you exactly how much I paid for them even if you didn’t ask. Everything that had a green tag was $1.49 so this is what I got:

  • A brand new Isaac Mizrahi pencil skirt from Target for $1.49.
  • A cute dress I’m going to wear to a bachelorette party for $1.49.
  • A casual summer skirt for $2.99.
  • A sleeveless dressier shirt from Banana Republic for $1.49.
  • And a cute scarf that I’m going to do this to once I find a second scarf to match it, for $1.99

I did spend close to an hour looking around the store and couldn’t find anything for hubby but I haven’t had much luck at this location when it comes to men’s clothing.  Dieter got a little backpack filled with plastic plates, cups, and utensils so between that and his snack he was incredibly well-behaved.  On Thursdays are Toddler Day which means all kids clothing and toys are 50% off, another great day to do some shopping.

Sigh, I love thrifting.

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