Summer Goals

Dieter plays so well by himself. All that is really required of me is that I sit next to him and if I do that the kid can play with cars, screwdrivers, and a hammer for a relatively long time (everything is relative when you’re 21 months old). Because it’s so easy to keep him entertained I often forget to introduce new activities for him to try so this summer I’m going to try and be very intentional about that. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to toddler activities and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve put it to very little use. The first activity we tested out involved baking soda, a dropper and some colored vinegar.

What you do:

Fill a pan with baking soda.  Put a few drops of food coloring in vinegar that has been divided into a couple containers, we did a dish of blue and one of green.  Using a medicine dropper you draw up some of the vinegar and squirt it on the baking soda.  It fizzes and leaves drops of color…quite entertaining for a little one.  Dieter got pretty good at sucking up the vinegar and only needed a little help from me.  It was an easy and fun activity for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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