Monthly Archives: May 2012

Letting Go

Sometimes life is all about letting go. I am learning that the hard way but I suppose there isn’t an easy way to learn the lessons of life. Sometimes you have to let go of people, perceptions, dreams, desires, plans. But the best part about letting go is that there is someone who will replace the emptiness and loss with a feeling of hope and a feeling that there is something better waiting to happen. I may feel that I’m letting go of something that I needed so badly but really all I’m doing is making space for what was supposed to be there all along. What is it? I have no idea. When will something better come along? No one can tell me. But the most comforting thing is that there is someone who knows and because he knows the desires of my heart I can trust that he also knows what is best for me.

Great Finds

I’ve heard that this is a Minneosta thing:

“I love that shirt.”

“Why thank you. I got it on sale at ___ for ____.”

Ever since this was pointed out to me I hear it all the time and realize I am guilty of it too. So with that being said I found some AMAZING deals at the local Goodwill today and I’m going to tell you exactly how much I paid for them even if you didn’t ask. Everything that had a green tag was $1.49 so this is what I got:

  • A brand new Isaac Mizrahi pencil skirt from Target for $1.49.
  • A cute dress I’m going to wear to a bachelorette party for $1.49.
  • A casual summer skirt for $2.99.
  • A sleeveless dressier shirt from Banana Republic for $1.49.
  • And a cute scarf that I’m going to do this to once I find a second scarf to match it, for $1.99

I did spend close to an hour looking around the store and couldn’t find anything for hubby but I haven’t had much luck at this location when it comes to men’s clothing.  Dieter got a little backpack filled with plastic plates, cups, and utensils so between that and his snack he was incredibly well-behaved.  On Thursdays are Toddler Day which means all kids clothing and toys are 50% off, another great day to do some shopping.

Sigh, I love thrifting.

Summer Goals

Dieter plays so well by himself. All that is really required of me is that I sit next to him and if I do that the kid can play with cars, screwdrivers, and a hammer for a relatively long time (everything is relative when you’re 21 months old). Because it’s so easy to keep him entertained I often forget to introduce new activities for him to try so this summer I’m going to try and be very intentional about that. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to toddler activities and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve put it to very little use. The first activity we tested out involved baking soda, a dropper and some colored vinegar.

What you do:

Fill a pan with baking soda.  Put a few drops of food coloring in vinegar that has been divided into a couple containers, we did a dish of blue and one of green.  Using a medicine dropper you draw up some of the vinegar and squirt it on the baking soda.  It fizzes and leaves drops of color…quite entertaining for a little one.  Dieter got pretty good at sucking up the vinegar and only needed a little help from me.  It was an easy and fun activity for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Homemade Cheez-its

If I allowed it we would go through at least two boxes of cheese crackers a week but I just can’t bring myself to feed Dieter those salty, over-processed squares.  They have way too many ingredients and absolutely no nutrition.  I came across a homemade cheese cracker recipe and although it’s not what I would call healthy it only has a few ingredients so at least we’re not eating a bunch of extra junk.  For a special treat these are just the thing and they taste way better than store-bought crackers!

I followed the directions exactly from this blog so I won’t bother typing it out.  You must try them, they are easy and so yummy!  People will think you’re a pastry chef or something 🙂