Good Things

I’m in a rut, hence no post for the last three weeks or so. You should see the drafts I have…they’re piling up. I decide to start writing something and then abandon it halfway through. So instead of lamenting over something really creative to share with you I’m just going to keep it simple and tell you what has been really good lately.

Good things:

  • Smiles from Dieter (especially the ones that are so big he has to close his eyes)
  • Having Jeremiah home for an entire week. We really enjoyed our time together last week before he started his new job in Sioux Falls.
  • The signs of spring around our yard. The perennials and hostas are coming up and the birds are singing so beautifully.
  • My little seedlings I’ve started that will soon be going into the garden for us to enjoy all summer.
  • Laundry that can be dried on my clothesline.
  • Completing my very first 5k last Saturday and being able to do it with my dad. A huge highlight of the past few months and something I never in a million years thought I would enjoy doing.
  • Seeing the look on Dieter’s face when he saw his Easter present (a Little People parking garage). Unfortunately, that was probably the only highlight for him on Easter since he got sick shortly after.
  • Having a completely remodeled bathroom and kitchen (pictures to follow shortly).
  • Finding new recipes to share with friends and family.
  • Neighbor kids for Dieter to play with (even if they drive me crazy sometimes, he really loves them).
  • Life in general…it’s pretty good right now!


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