Out and About: Lil’ Explorers at Como Zoo

Oh what fun we had at Como this Thursday!  They had a wonderful set-up in the visitor’s center that was all about birds.  They have a new theme every Thursday and all of the activities are based on that theme.  There were several tables and they had everything from little bird figurines to play with to matching pictures of male and female birds.  They had sensory tables set up that Dieter of course loved.  One had water and ducks and the other had birdseed.  This would be a great place for a wide variety of ages.  We had the pleasure of hanging out with our friends Jenny, Aiden and Sage.  Aiden and Dieter both kept very busy playing together and doing their own thing.  Here are a few other activities they had.

Playing on a rug with some duckies.

Making nests for the birds.

Painting with feathers.

Aiden’s Masterpiece

Story time with “Turkey” the parrot.  He even said “gobble gobble.”

Probably should have taken a picture at the beginning of the morning.  Dieter is looking a little dazed.

Thank you Jenny and kiddos for joining us!  We had so much fun!

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