Out and About: Adventure Park

Tuesday morning we spent some time at Adventure Park in Ham Lake with some mamas and their kiddos from church.  I had never been there before but I immediately knew upon walking through the door that Dieter was going to have a blast.  It was $6 for Dieter to play (parents are free) and before I could get his shoes off he was off and exploring.  The space is divided up into a toddler area and a bigger playground area.  Dieter loved both but being the crazy climber he is we were navigating the big tunnels, slides, and ladders for a good portion of the time.  He definitely moved more easily than I did, maybe next time I’ll wear knee pads like one dad was doing, haha!  This is one activity that he won’t be outgrowing anytime soon and I’m sure we’ll be back.  Of course I forgot to bring my camera, grr.

So the pros: good atmosphere, friendly staff, The cons: I was so busy chasing Dieter I didn’t have much time to catch up with the other mamas.

Toddler Area

At the top of the “big kid” area.  He loved looking down!

“Playing” in the arcade…they still don’t have to know that money goes in there to make it really work.

And to top it all off we met Daddy at BK (yuck) for dinner before he had class (YAY!).  A fantastic day!

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