Feathery Headband DIY

I’m trying desperately to grow my hair out so to keep myself from chopping it off I’m trying to get creative with the accessories.  My mom bought me a really cute headband with fabric-covered buttons on it and my hairstylist and first-cousin-once-removed by marriage was sporting a fun feathered headband last time I got my haircut.  With these as inspiration I headed to Joann with coupons in hand and an idea in my head.

What you need:

  • Headband
  • Package of feathers (I bought pheasant feathers)
  • Unique Stitch
  • Felt
  • Button

The first thing I did was cut out a base for the feathers to be applied to out of the felt.  Then, using a lot of fabric glue, I placed the feathers in a shape that I liked.  Because the felt absorbs the glue pretty well you have to be generous.

Once the feathers were in place I cut out another piece of felt to put on top of the feathers.  This was mainly so that I could hide all the ugly stems (is that the right term?).  I got a little creative here and really you can go in so many directions with the design.

After I was happy with the look I let it dry overnight.  Oh but first I should tell you how I actually attached the embellishment to the headband.  For that step I cut out a piece of felt and put a big glob of glue on it, then stuck it on the backside of the headband and the feathers on the frontside.  Because the fabric glue doesn’t instantly hold everything in place super well I used a hair clip and some bobby pins to make sure nothing moved.  Then I perched it on the edge of a big bowl so it would dry in place.

Before I was finished I glued on a button, just because!  It felt like it needed a little something :).  And there you have it!  A headband for under 5 bucks (with the help of my Joann coupons).

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