A Different Kind of Year

I’ll be honest, I’ve never understood the hype around the New Year’s Eve celebration. Hence the reason I went to bed at 10:30 on NYE. But this year I’ve been asked to look at the new year differently first with a devotion from The Upper Room and then our sermon at church.

LOVING GOD, journey with me this year

so that I may feel your presence,

abide in your forgiveness, grow in your strength,

and dwell in your love.

Give me an open heart,

an open mind,

and open eyes

so that I may sing your praise

and follow your path always and everywhere. Amen.

– Larry James Peacock

This prayer sums it up so well for me.  How different would my year look if I fervently pursued God in everything I did and glorified him through all of my actions?  I can tell you without a doubt that my family would notice!  And I pray that others would see a change as well.

One specific resolution I want to make this year is to eliminate all the favoritism in my life.  This was the subject of our sermon this Sunday and I have to say I had never thought about it before.  Favoritism, I think of a teacher showing more interest in one student over another.  But really favoritism can also be described as discrimination, judgement, and prejudice.  Whoa, convict me now because I am guilty of all these things every day.  Without even realizing it I know I place more worth on people that I feel deserve it.  But who am I to decide the worth of a person?  Especially a person that Jesus died for. All I am called to do is love…everyone.  Again, how different would my year look if I eliminated favoritism from my life?  Much different.

So will this year be different for me?  I sure hope so.  I know that I will fail, probably everyday, but thankfully I have a God who sees my heart and a Savior who died to make that heart pure.

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