Laundry Detergent

I really had no interest in making my own laundry detergent but I just bought some new cloth diapers and didn’t realize until now that it really matters what you wash them with. Using the right type and amount of detergent with cloth diapers helps them stay absorbent and extends their life. I knew I could make a special detergent cheaper than buying it so I hopped online and started searching for the perfect recipe. Another blogger had done even more research than me and I decided to give her recipe a try. I just made the diaper detergent but bought the extra ingredients to use for our regular laundry so I’ll be making it very soon and hoping for great results. Until then, let’s hope that Dieter’s diapers come out fresh, clean, and hold back the Niagra Falls that seems to always want to escape his britches.

I found the borax at Target but they didn’t have it on the floor just in the stock room so hopefully it will be easy to find in the next few weeks when they start stocking it.  I bought the Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, Fels-Naptha Soap and Oxyclean at Walmart.  I actually bought the Walmart brand of Oxyclean.  They also have borax there too so you could really get all of the ingredients there I just prefer Target so much more that I started there.

The real question is…how the heck am I going to manage TWO kids in cloth diapers?

5 responses to “Laundry Detergent

  • Amy Grover

    Stephanie – Did you try yours yet? I’ve had really bad luck with my cloth dipes and Fels-Naptha. I don’t know what kind of diapers you’re using, but my Fuzzi Bunz/Bum Genius dipes didn’t do well with my homemade detergent. I have been meaning to try the recipe again using a different soap (I’m going to try Fragrance Free Kirk’s Castile Soap). Until then, I’ve been loving the powdered soap at Trader Joes.

    • jsfoertsch

      I didn’t put the Fels-Naptha in the detergent for my cloth diapers, just the other three ingredients, and I’ve had good luck with it. But I use prefolds and Thirsties wraps so that might be the difference. I just started using the “regular” homemade soap with the Fels-Naptha for our other laundry and it seems to be working well but I think I’ll have to do a few more loads to see if the laundry is getting clean enough. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to find the best solution.

  • Leslie Clark

    Wait a minute….Did I miss something somewhere? Are you expecting?

    On the laundry detergent note, I’ve made a similar recipe and it worked great. I just hated grating the soap so I found a recipe on Pinterest that doesn’t use grated soap so I’m gonna try that out.

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