Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pretty Calzone

I have a new mini-addiction called Pinterest. Some of you may have heard of it but if you’re reading my blog you probably haven’t since you’d be too busy “pinning” to go anywhere else on the web. One of the ways I love to use Pinterest is for meal ideas. Not only are there yummy recipes but the pictures always make them look 10 times better. I have much to work towards when it comes to the quality of my photos on this blog, hehe.

A couple nights ago I decided to make a calzone recipe I’d been eyeing and I’m happy to say it turned out great!  Jeremiah loved it too and was gracious enough to leave me a little piece for tomorrow’s lunch.  Here’s how I did it.

Of course you have to start out with a banging crust so I went to my old standby at AllRecipes.  They also have a delicious recipe for pizza sauce if you don’t have one of your own and although it’s a bit tedious the result is definitely worth it.  The toppings (or should I say fillings) for this calzone were black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, and mozzarella.  If I would have thought to add it I would have picked some fresh basil that’s somehow still surviving despite me not having watered it for a good week.

Now here is what makes this calzone so special.  The braided top was pretty easy to do even though mine doesn’t look nearly as good as my Pinterest inspiration.  Before I stuck it in the oven I brushed some olive oil on the top and sprinkled it with italian seasoning. And there you have it!  A delicious and simple calzone.

A Fall Sweater

Side note: I started writing this post last week when it actually did feel like Fall.  This week has taken a summery turn but I’m sure it will cool down eventually!

It’s beginning to get chilly here in Minnesota.  I love this time of year because I can start wearing sweaters and scarves.  The trees are just starting to change to brilliant reds and yellows and walks around the neighborhood don’t end with me being a sweaty mess.  This time of year I enjoy a hot cup of tea in the evening instead of a cool glass of lemonade and leaving the window cracked open at night means I can snuggle under the heavy comforter again.  Ah, it is a short but wonderful time of year.  As someone said, “Autumn is the year’s last loveliest smile.”  I couldn’t agree more.

And speaking of sweaters…Dieter was in desperate need of a new sweater for Fall.  I might be exaggerating when I say “desperate” but the change in weather is a nice excuse to buy some fun yarn and knit something up.  My favorite part of it is the three different buttons I used.  I didn’t feel like going out and buying matching buttons so I made due and really like how it turned out.

Here’s the pattern.  I heart free patterns and really they are the only thing I use.