Repurposed/Revamped Pillows

Have you ever bought a couch and they throw in those ugly free pillows that don’t match your decorating style at all?  We had a couple of those that I’ve put up with for a few years and figured it was about time I fix them.  I also had some throw pillows that we had on our bed in St. Louis but no longer matched our bedding so I needed to fix those too.  There were plenty of felted sweaters, yarn, fabric stashed away to create a nice color palate to work with so I just started laying things out and seeing where it would take me.  Here are the results.

(Above) I used  some scrap fabric from a sling I made for a friend when they became pregnant and some felted sweaters that I appliqued on.

The pillow on the left used scrap fabric and because the last seam I sewed to close the pillow was horrendous I covered it with a piece of felt that I sewed on using a blanket stitch.  The pillow on the left is part knit and part felted sweater with buttons joining the two pieces together.

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