Monthly Archives: February 2011

Headband Inspiration

Thanks to my friend Danielle I’ve found a love for knitted headbands.  She came over on Saturday to learn how to make one but unfortunately it wasn’t too productive (she did learn how to purl, yay!).  I did, however, find so many awesome patterns for headbands and decided to try one.  This headband is partially my idea based off of something I found on ravelry.  Here is the original by Rachel Iufer.  And here is mine:

I hate self pics because usually they just look silly but let’s just focus on the sweet headband and not the goofy look on my face.  Here’s how I did it:

yarn: cotton (drat I threw away the wrapper before I could write it down…it’s a lighter weight yarn than sugar n’ cream if that helps)

needle: size 6

pattern: CO 18.  Row 1: k across.  Row 2: k2, p14, k2.  Repeat until piece measures about 3 feet (?), tie a bow, then see if it fits around your head and BO or keep knitting until it does.  Seam the two ends together, sew down your bow and your done!  if you want to see the garter stitch edge that you’ve made I’d suggest blocking the headband before you sew the two ends together, I didn’t really care so mine rolls in at the edges a bit.


Thanks Danielle and Rachel for inspiring me!

Dieter’s New Hats

This lucky guy got two new hats last week!  I guess both his mom and grandma decided that having just one winter hat was not good enough (let alone one that was getting too small) so they each knit him one.

When Grandma was in Berlin recently she noticed a lot of babies wearing this Norwegian-inspired cap so, using some leftover sock yarn she had bought while on vacation, she knit Dieter one.  Now he looks very Gerwegian (gosh, sometimes I am just too clever).

The hat that Mom (me, duh) made was a fluke…like most of my hats are.  I tried using a pattern and it looked like junk and would maybe fit Dieter when he turned 14 so I decided to just make up my own.  It was very boring until it turned into an owl!

You can find hats similar to both of these on Ravelry.

Repurposed/Revamped Pillows

Have you ever bought a couch and they throw in those ugly free pillows that don’t match your decorating style at all?  We had a couple of those that I’ve put up with for a few years and figured it was about time I fix them.  I also had some throw pillows that we had on our bed in St. Louis but no longer matched our bedding so I needed to fix those too.  There were plenty of felted sweaters, yarn, fabric stashed away to create a nice color palate to work with so I just started laying things out and seeing where it would take me.  Here are the results.

(Above) I used  some scrap fabric from a sling I made for a friend when they became pregnant and some felted sweaters that I appliqued on.

The pillow on the left used scrap fabric and because the last seam I sewed to close the pillow was horrendous I covered it with a piece of felt that I sewed on using a blanket stitch.  The pillow on the left is part knit and part felted sweater with buttons joining the two pieces together.