The $190 Nursery

You’ve seen a glimpse of Dieter’s room on a previous post but I want to show you the whole thing today because it is my favorite room in our house.  As you may know by now we love paying less for things.  Craigslist is our friend and we utilized this friend when we prepared the nursery for Dieter’s arrival.  Here is how we spent $190 on furnishing Dieter’s room.

Dieter's Room

1. Crib – we found the crib on Craigslist for $100 which included the mattress.  It’s about seven years old but is still in really good condition and originally cost $300-$400, not including the mattress.  The only downside is it’s a side drop crib, all of which are now being recalled.  Eventually I may have Jeremiah fasten the side so it can’t move but for now it works just fine.

Craigslist tip: Search for furniture in wealthier areas.  These folks have nice things and don’t need the money so are willing to part with their stuff for a low price.

2. Changing table – we were very blessed to get this for free from Jeremiah’s sister who has kids that have outgrown a changing table.

3. Glider – $60 dollars on Craigslist.  Actually, the lady was offering it for $80 but Jeremiah refuses to pay full price for anything.

4. Toy bins (not pictured) – gotta love Aldi!  I picked this up for $29.99.

5. Dresser – my parents didn’t need this dresser anymore and were happy to get rid of it.  Jeremiah spent about $40 on paint and new hardware to give it a facelift.  Sorry, I didn’t include that in the total cost of the nursery since it technically wasn’t a necessary project (most facelifts aren’t ;)).

And there you have it!  This is how we furnished our nursery for $190.  Oh, I almost forgot about the little side table next to the glider.  The previous owner’s of our house left it along with a bunch of other junk that we put to good use (and some we just put in the garbage can).

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