The Cloth Diaper Saga

I realize that cloth diapering is not for everyone.  They create more loads of laundry and don’t absorb everything quite as well.  But the benefits are countless including no extra trash, you save a boatload of money, and I’ve heard potty training happens sooner (Amen to that!).  I decided to cloth diaper for all of these reasons.  Plus, my mom cloth diapered all of her kids so it just seemed like the normal thing to do.

Cloth diapering is also part of the whole trendy, green movement so there are a lot of different options.  I have to admit that I was completely overwhelmed when I started doing my research.  Instead of getting bogged down with too much diaper product information I thought to myself, “what the hey, I’ll just make my own!”  Uh, what?  As I said earlier I don’t even really enjoy sewing so am I crazy overambitious or super smart?  I’ll take the first and hope for the last.  I found a great pattern called Rita’s Rump Pockets and decided to give it a go.  I was able to buy all the flannel during a 50% off sale at JoAnn and use my 15% discount on top of it.  Along with thread and elastic I think the whole project cost me about 60 bucks.

Diaper Fabric

So after hours and hours of sewing these cloth diapers started to take shape.  Once completed all you have to do is stick a pre-fold in the pocket but I decided to take it one step further.  Instead of using a diaper cover I wanted to make some type of waterproof layer.  I found some PUL fabric (polyurethane laminated) and folded that into the pre-fold and was very hopeful that this would be the best, most awesome cloth diaper ever.  Then my little peanut came.  And by little, I mean 5 pounds 14 ounces.  Yeah, not a chance that these diapers were going to fit him.  In fact they didn’t fit him until last week and by that time I had gotten so used to putting him in a regular old pre-fold with a vinyl diaper cover that I’ve barely used the fancy, schmanzy diapers I put so much work into.  Thankfully, the few times I have used them I’ve been super impressed with how they work so maybe I’ll start using them more.  They are very cute wouldn’t you say?

Diaper Model

7 responses to “The Cloth Diaper Saga

  • Natalie Klauser

    Super cute and way too crafty! I just bought plain out Chinese prefolds with Thirsties covers. Cheap, but they held more than Huggies or Pampers. I too LOVE the cloth diapers though!

  • Denise

    They are so cute! I’m very proud of you:) It just really never seemed that big of a deal to me to use them with you guys. Plus I think cloth diaper buts are so much cuter. HAHA

  • mrs. pelton

    yes indeed! you’ve got me considering it for our future pelton child.

  • Brandee Bohne

    They are really cute Stephanie. You say you cant sew but it appears that you are getting pretty good. Awesome work!

  • jenny

    I just can’t resist a fluffy cloth diaper bottom. I didn’t sew mine though and yours are so CUTE. Fuzzi bunz won me over and then we used prefolds. I have just one wool cover and I LOVED it so much! You should knit some…they are awesome. And when we have another kid I’ll pay you to make me some more. 🙂

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